Fencing In Summertown, Oxford (after 1)

Bespoke Garden Fencing In Summertown

Recent project in Summertown, Oxford fitting a new fence. We first removed the original stone gabions and levelled the ground before fitting the new fencing panels around the perimeter of the front garden. If you’re interested in our garden fencing services, please contact us or visit our Fencing Page.

Close Board Fencing Project In Thame

Close Board Fencing In Thame, Oxfordshire

A recent close board fencing project for a house in Thame, Oxfordshire. The owners of the house had a small brick wall built around the perimeter of their property but complained that it didn’t offer enough privacy. We attached close board fencing panels to increase the height of the...


New Gravel Driveway In Oxford

New gravel driveway for a large house in Oxford, Oxfordshire: There were many issues with the existing gravel driveway including: Only a thin layer of gravel remained on the driveway Stones had displaced onto the path in front of their property The foundations of the drive were uneven However,...

Decking Sanding & Painting Chinnor

Sanding & Painting A Garden Decking In Chinnor

Recent project sanding and then re-painting a garden decking in Chinnor, Oxfordshire. We sanded the decking to remove the layers of stain used originally which had started to crack and fade due to several years of use. We then applied several coats of anti-slip decking stain to create an...

Driveway In Chearsley, Buckinghamshire (After)

Gravel Driveway In Chearsley, Buckinghamshire

Recent project laying a new gravel driveway in Chearsley, Buckinghamshire: The existing driveway was uneven and many potholes had formed over the several years of bad weather. We filled in the potholes and levelled the foundations of the ground. The new gravel was then laid evenly across the driveway...