Driveway In Chearsley, Buckinghamshire (After)

Gravel Driveway In Chearsley, Buckinghamshire

Recent project laying a new gravel driveway in Chearsley, Buckinghamshire:

  • The existing driveway was uneven and many potholes had formed over the several years of bad weather.
  • We filled in the potholes and levelled the foundations of the ground.
  • The new gravel was then laid evenly across the driveway to ensure we provided a smooth driving surface.
  • Finally, the borders of the driveway were repaired which meant the gravel would no longer be displaced as frequently.

The owners were impressed with their new driveway and commented on the efficiency & politeness of our staff. If you’re interested in our driveway services, please visit our Gravel Driveways page or contact us for a free quote.

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