Garden Landscaping

For all your landscaping requirements in your garden and the area surrounding your home. We have over 20 years experience and covered virtually all requirements imaginable. For fencing we can provide a wide range of wood fencing including panel fencing, close board fencing, rail and post wood fencing, wicket fencing. Our specialist fencing includes acoustic fencing metal rail fencing and decorative fencing.

Our wide range of gates in both wood and metal to suit your garden come in all shapes, sizes and patterns and a wide range of finishes.

For your garden we can provide a totally new garden design to maintaining existing gardens with lawn mowing, planting and weeding. For larger fields and paddocks we do provide a grass mowing service. If you require a new lawn we can lay turf for any size required.

Our tree services include pollarding, topping, shaping and a general trimming service, or if required, tree felling including the removal of the tree stump.

“I have used David and his team for a few projects and I wouldn’t hesitate to call him for my next project or recommend him to others.”
“David will do his best to visit for a quote at a time convenient for you, which is great if you work full time and he is always available via phone or email. He will offer good advise and common sense solutions, drawing on his experience, but is also very responsive to any new ideas or tweaks you may have during the project with his can do attitude.
His team are considerate not to impact the rest of the garden whilst working and will check if they need to disturb anything so you don’t come home to any surprises.”
“My garden is much improved and my friends and family have been very complimentary.”
Mr Buchanan, Oxford